Farms & Market

An innovative, farm-based market and café offers regional fresh produce and prepared foods to take-out or enjoy seated with local beers and wines. Farms & Market is NOW OPEN for business seven days-a-week! 

We connect producers, growers and consumers through innovative and sustainable market practices that energize and strengthen a diverse agricultural and food economy through a retail market location.

The Farms & Market model is built on providing access to a variety of seasonal, fresh, regional foods while building a strong sense of community through direct involvement with farmers, growers and producers. 

Farms & Market offers the opportunity for growers and artisan producers to sell their products in a permanent retail space that they don't have to staff! 

We offer:
- TWO months rent-free for all new incoming growers/producers
- Choice of cases (refridge + dry-rack options)
- month-to-month leasing provides low commitment!
- open to a variety of artisan products! 

Here's what Norma of Golden Glen Creamery has to say about leasing a stand at Farms & Market:

"When I heard of Farms & Market I was very excited. Farms & Market gives me the opportunity to have all of our cheese selection at one store, no staffing problems. Since staffing for our seasonal farmers markets is always a challenge. Now our customers can enjoy all of our products year round. It’s way cheaper for us to rent a cooler at Farms & market than to hire someone for a seasonal farmers market. I wish more Farms & Market open up other places to give us (the farmers) the opportunity to reach more customers."
- Norma Ruiz, Golden Glen Creamery

Farms & Market will be located in the Grand Avenue Marketplace at 2900 Grand Avenue. Follow us on our Facebook for updates.

The Farms & Market Connection

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